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Плата на базе GSM/GPRS модуля SIM800L

by admin on February 1st, 2016

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Плата на базе GSM/GPRS модуля SIM800L

Плата на базе GSM/GPRS модуля SIM800L - простое средство для подключения различных устройств к GSM сети.

Плата имеет всю необходимую обвязку, а также встроенный разъем для карты micro-SIM. С помощью данного модуля можно принимать и отправлять SMS, совершать звонки, отправлять данные через E-Mail и т.д.


Напряжение питания 3.7...4.2 В
Поддерживаемые диапазоны GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 МГц
Класс мощности 4 (2 Вт в диапазонах 850/ 900 МГц)
Класс мощности 1 (1 Вт в диапазонах 1800/1900MHz)
Размеры 23* 25 * 7 мм


  • 1х Плата на базе GSM/GPRS модуля SIM800L
  • контактная PLS-планка

Seeeduino GPRS

Seeeduino GPRS

Note:There is another library has better performance GPRS SIM900, to use it, exchange the RX and TX pins.

  • #define PIN_TX 7 ------ #define PIN_TX 8
  • #define PIN_RX 8 ------ #define PIN_RX 7

Seeeduino GPRS is a IoT panel, you can connect to the internet through GPRS wireless network with it. Making/answering voice calls and sending/receiving SMS messages are also supported. Meanwhile, Seeeduino GPRS supports FM radio function and bluetooth communication. For more information, you can visit our Wiki


  • Compatible with standard Arduino Leonardo
  • Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
  • Headset Jack
  • Convenient external SIM card holder
  • Control via AT commands
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Support FM


  • Call up and answer Call
  • Send SMS and read SMS
  • AT Command Test
  • TCP Connection
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • FM radio

Getting Started

please follow the example sketch in example folder.

  • SIM800_Serial_Debug —— test SIM800 module with AT commands.
  • GPRS_CallUp —— give a call to someone.
  • GPRS_SendSMS —— send a message to someone.
  • GPRS_LoopHandle —— answer the call & read the message.
  • GPRS_ConnectTCP —— communicate with xively.
  • FM_Test —— Listening to FM radio
  • Bluetooth_AT_Command_And_Music_Play —— use your bluetooth device to control seeeduino GPRS with AT Command or use your smartphone to connect it and play music.
  • Bluetooth_Call_PhoneNumber —— Use your smartphone to connect seeeduino GPRS and a auto-call action will be executed.

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